Our coordinated accessories add the finishing touch to any of your projects. Whether used for a hearthstone on your fireplace, or in that grand entrance to your home, our accessories can provide architectural harmony or bold contrast.

All of our architectural accessories are available in 5 colors: (See Window Sills or Window Trims from left to right to match names below)

Champagne, Rock Ridge, Charcoal, Mountain Shadow and Fog

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Window Sill

20" x 2 ¼" Wide

Window Trim

6" x 8" Wide


8" x 12" x 10" High

Hearthstone Sizes

18" x 20" x 1.5" thick
17" x 17" x 1" thick

Wall Cap Sizes

18" x 11" Wide
18" x 13" Wide
18" x 14" Wide
18" x 16" Wide

Chiseled & Peaked PostCap Sizes

22" x 22" Square
24" x 24" Square
27" x 27" Square
34" x 34" Square

Light Box

8" x 8" Wide

Square Plug Box

8" x 8" Wide

Rectangular Plug Box

8" x 5 ¼" Wide

Corner sill

4 ½" x 4 ½" Wide

Note: Because of the nature of our products, colors may vary slightly from pictures on this site. We suggest looking at a sample prior to making your final selection.